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PET Ribbon printed
Econyl® Webbing
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PET Webbing printed
Econyl® Webbing
Webbing from bio-cotton
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Econyl® Webbing
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Tide Ocean®/Econyl® Webbing
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Tide Ocean® Webbing printed

Sustainable products

Sustainability and environmental protection are not just empty words to us. We are convinced that, as manufacturers, we have an environmental responsibility. Our ‘Green Line’ collection uses mainly yarns made from sustainable raw materials or from recycled materials. For example, we manufacture many of our webbing straps and belts from the recycled nylon yarn ECONYL® and also from yarns produced from recycled PET bottles.

95 percent of our products are certified in line with OEKO TEX Standard 100 to ensure they do not contain harmful substances and are friendly to our skin and the environment.

Econyl® – From fishing net to yarn

Many of our webbing products are produced from ECONYL® yarn. ECONYL® is recycled from the following components:

  • used carpets
  • disused and abandoned fishing nets from the sea
  • Textile scraps from the clothes manufacturing

These nylon materials are collected, sorted and shredded all around the world, before then undergoing a purification and treatment process to transform them into nylon pellets with the original chemical formula of the primary raw material. These pellets are then used to produce Econyl® yarn. The nylon yarn Econyl® can be recycled an infinite number of times without any loss of quality, thereby repeatedly contributing to the regenerative cycle.

#tide ocean

Tide Ocean®

Tide Ocean® ribbons, cords and ropes are made from 100% ocean-bound plastic.

The Swiss company #tide ocean SA collects ocean plastic waste with partner organisations and fishermen. The raw material for our Tide Ocean® straps, cords and ropes comes mainly from the oceans and coasts of Mexico and Southeast Asia.

The path from plastic waste to the highest quality premium belts and tapes

Sorting, cleaning and shredding
Processing into granules which form the basis for Tide Ocean yarn
Production of recycled premium belts and straps from Tide Ocean Yarn

Transparent traceability of the collected material is the basis of the Tide Ocean® model.

We are proud to be a partner of Tide Ocean®.

Newlife™ yarn is one of a kind

The polyester yarn is composed of 100% recycled PET bottles. Unlike other recycled fibres, New Life is produced not in a chemical process but in a mechanical process. This saves water and reduces the use of chemicals.

The PET bottles are collected in Italy and are then cleaned, shredded and processed to produce a polymer made from 100% recycled PET bottles. The new yarn is then spun from this material. Newlife™ is certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Organic cotton

We use certified organic cotton. Fair-trade, organic cotton, sustainable and environmentally friendly. For natural textiles.

Webbing certified according to oeko-tex 100

Sustainable production with recycled yarns. Recycled materials conserve resources.

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