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One thousand and one possibilities

Your one-stop provider - from prototypes to series production. You can let your imagination run wild with our made-to-measure services. We work with you to passionately and professionally implement proven systems and develop new tailor-made products.

Our on-site experts provide you with every support during technical implementation. Pfeiffer delivers certified quality, defined breaking strengths and base materials certified in line with OEKO TEX 100. These include webbing, hook-and-loop fasteners, cords and elastic webbing. We can also put an individual finishing touch on your products using printing or embroidery.

Thanks to our large machine park, wide range of textile production techniques and a broad portfolio of accessories, including plastic, metal and leather, we can offer an extremely diverse spectrum of textile tie-down solutions.

100% Made in Germany.

Perfection - one stitch at a time.

Lockstitch machines, walking foot machines, automatic bartackers, fully-automated sewing machines -basically, we've got it covered. We have the right processes for manufacturing technical textile fastening systems and producing textile strap systems, lifting straps, promotional items and pet accessories... as well as anything else you might need.

How long is a piece of webbing?

We choose the best cutting process for each individual product and finish.

Hot cutting -

This is particularly suitable for strong, long-lasting seals in widths ranging from 10 - 60 mm. It is also extremely cost effective.

Cold cutting -

This is used for special materials and hook-and-loop fasteners in widths from 10 - 55 mm.

Ultrasonic cutting -

This is where it gets tricky. Ultrasonic cutting is a very high-quality cutting process. It is primarily used to achieve particularly smooth and reinforced edges and for complicated cutting patterns. We can use it for widths between 10 and 50 mm.

Extremely smooth and low friction

As an alternative to sewing, we can also weld many materials using ultrasound. This process firmly fuses webbing and hook-and-loop fasteners together, for example, producing very clean, smooth surfaces. It also eliminates friction caused by bulky seams.

When you need that extra bit of stability!

Grommets are used to make holes in webbing much more stable and less prone to tearing. We can provide this reinforcement for a wide range of hole diameters and materials.

Making the perfect hole.

We use ultrasonic technology to create the perfect hole in any format - from round holes, button holes and slots to simple indentations.

The perfect finish.

Putting a real shine on made-to-measure webbing. Embroidery can make your items really stand out - whether it's applied in selected areas or as a larger pattern...

... and if you want to go even further, how about some sparkling rhinestones?

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