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We insist on the highest quality and reliability levels. As a result, our production processes guarantee outstanding performance, uncompromising product quality and high flexibility – all of which enables us to respond rapidly to your needs.

Don't lose your thread!

"Get the warping process right, and the job's half done. Before weaving can start, we select different yarns from a broad palette of colours and a wide range of materials and use these to carefully create the warp. Each element is specifically chosen for the webbing project at hand.

Turning yarn into fabric

Our weaving operation is at the heart of our production. Here, we weave numerous kilometres of elastic and non elastic webbing every day on high-speed needle looms. After this, the webbing gets its final finish in further downstream processes.

Creating a usable product

Finishing is an indispensable part of textile processing. The processes used in this step give the webbing its special properties and functions. Here, the webbing is coated, smoothed, shrunk, steamed, heat set and given different finishes.

Standing out - Personalisation made easy!

In our printing and processing department, we apply cool designs to even the simplest of webbing. We use a range of printing processes to do this, including screen printing, transfer printing, digital printing and pad printing.

On a role - but totally individual

Whether you want your product on spools, individual rolls, individually packaged or in consumer packaging - it's not a problem. Your wish is our command!

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